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A coffee shot is 98% water. Protect the quality of your beverage and your machine.

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Cold Beverage

Chemical and contaminants destroy beverage taste and carbonation.

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Mineral can scale or corrode steam equipment. Protect your oven from damaging water.

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Protect your washing equipment from corrosion, scale and abrasion.

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It's our business to keep you in business. Sometimes despite the best of efforts, equipment just breaks down, and that's what Essential Services is for. Our service and repair teams cover water, electrical, refrigeration and gas plumbing, for all commercial kitchens and foodservice facilities. Trained and accredited technicians are the key to successful first time solution for your equipment failure. Operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Read More

Everpure 4FC Everpure OCS2 Everpure 4CB5-S Everpure 4CB5-K Everpure 2FC
Everpure OCS2 Filter
Our Price: $75.50 Inc GST
Everpure 4CB5-S Filter
Our Price: $82.37 Inc GST
Everpure 4CB5-K Filter
Our Price: $82.37 Inc GST
High flow filter for premium commercial water filtration. (Replaces 4C, PBS-400, SPA-400, H-104, S-104, S-100) Provides clear, fresh, premium quality  water for consistently great tasting drinking water and beverages 5 Micron carbon block filter with scale inhibitor for coffee, vending and ice applications 5 Micron carbon block filter with KDF® Media which inhibits microbial build-up in ice machines High flow filter for premium office water and home. (Replaces S-54, OCS, OCS2, WFA12, H-54, PBS-200, ADC)